I wonder Why?

 - by Dania

I was going through some drawers yesterday and found a piece of paper tucked into one of my old notebooks.  I remember writing it a while back.  I wanted to break free from the constraints and barriers I put on myself.  I am the toughest critic of me I know.  Since then, I have learned to love and accept me and if anyone does not like me as I am, they don’t need to hang around!


I wonder why on a day I feel fine you find fault with me?

I wonder why on a day I work hard and feel a sense of achievement you doubt me?

I wonder why on a day I dress up and boost my confidence you critique my style?

I wonder why on a day I’ve struggled to stay above water, you point out my unused potential?

I wonder why on a day I praise and acknowledge you, you remind me of my shortcomings?

I wonder why?

I wonder…

Because I’ve always let you and I won’t anymore!

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