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Laundry Symbols – Mystery solved

 - by Dania

Laundry is a fact of life for everyone but especially moms, there are always mountains of it and it really never ends.  One thing that annoyed me over the years is that all those laundry symbols are not always clear.  It seems we need a decoder just to understand how to care for our clothes!! 

Most of the time, I just put the machine on normal, warm water and cross my fingers.  That works most of the time but sometimes, I really need to know which pile to throw an item of clothing into. 

I finally decided to end the mystery and look it up online.  I have found plenty of sites and charts but they’re too large to copy into my post.  So here’s the next best thing, the link to the one of the clearer charts.  Check it out!  hope it helps.

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