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House Plants that Revived Me!

 - by Dania

I have known for a while that my home needed some live plants! Over the years, I had several houseplants that have perished under my care.  It seemed my thumb was not so green.  I gave up on the idea and have not had any living plants in my home for over a decade now.

Recently though, I have felt in dire need of an energy change.  Other than cleaning it, airing it out, organizing and refreshing, it needed life.  I would’ve thought the life and noise my kids brought was enough!!  but something was still missing. So began my “Green house crusade”.

I looked online for easy care plants and went on a hunt for houseplants.  I ended up with a whole bunch of lovely flowering plants that so far seem really easy to care for:

– Peace Lilly, not only is this one easy to care for, gives beautiful flowers but has the added bonus of purifying the air!


– Orchids, I always thought these were so delicate and hard to care for.  Boy was I surprised when I looked into it to see that it requires minimal watering and care and thrives easily.  I am in love with mine!  Cheers me up when I see it every morning.



– Lucky Bamboo, so easy to keep alive and can’t hurt to have a lucky plant around!


– A Yucca, which doesn’t like too much water.   Perfect so no guilt trips when I keep forgetting to water it!


– A Somona, a flowering cactus like plant.  It’s cute, survives pretty much on its own and is supposed to flower all year long!


I walk into my living room every morning now and see these living plants and it honestly revives and energizes me. I have noticed the energy and mood in the house have changed as well.  It does seem brighter and more peaceful around here even with the kids making all the noise they can.  It’s funny but I am so much happier now that I have these wonderful plants and feel more in touch with the universal energy around me.  Of course the added bonus is a new look for several areas around the house!

So for all those who don’t have a green thumb, you don’t need one.  No patience or time?  Don’t need any.  With these types of plants, you don’t need much and the rewards are wonderful!

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