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Old friends

 - by Dania

You can’t replace old friends!   They are wonderful and precious, you can’t have that type of history with just anyone.  It takes time and effort to make :)

Tonight I had dinner with a college friend.  We live quite far apart and I hadn’t seen her in almost 6 years and yet every time we see one another or talk on the phone, it feels like we’ve only been apart for a few days.  We always manage to pick up right where we left off. 

As much as its fun to reminisce about the good old days and the fun we had in college, it feels like that life is so alien to us now.  We’ve done a lot and been through so much!  We looked at each other and couldn’t believe we were sitting here together with husbands and children wondering where the time went. 

Personally, I was wondering when did we grow up!!!  We were just kids ourselves yesterday and now we’re full blown adults, responsible for our own children.  Don’t ask me why but my mind was boggled.

Now back to old friends, because of the history shared with an old friend, they know exactly what you mean with just a few words.  Conversation just flows and we were laughing  and reconnecting like kindered spirits. 

Old friends are comfortable, familiar, safe and rare!  I treasure my old friends and love them dearly and only wish to be able to see them as often as possible and continue down our paths together.

Until we meet again!  I miss you!

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