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Go hug a tree!

 - by Dania

Recently I’ve been feeling quite uncomfortable in my own skin.  I’ve been very jumpy, grumpy and cranky.  Over the last few days, things seemed to spiral out of control, I felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!  I was being pulled in many directions, confused, tired and unfocussed.

Today, I finally lost it completely.  The kids drove me nuts and when they threw tantrums, I’m embarrassed to say I threw a big one myself.  I yelled and ranted until my throat was raw and I even stormed out of the room!!  Let me tell you, that is one way to get your kids attention…..they were both standing there mouths wide open, staring.  In the middle of all this drama, I started giggling.  That confused them even more which only sent me into hysterics, then I was almost in tears again a few seconds later! (see I told you Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!).   Wish I could blame it on PMS!

The whole experience left me drained, unnerved and very tired.  I was fed up of feeling this way so I asked my spiritual cousin for advice and did some research on the internet so here’s what I finally did based on what I got from both sources:

1- Dance, dance, dance, dance (I grabbed my girls and we danced our butts off)

2- Laugh and smile (my girls were wiggling and laughing and it was contagious – do this step even if you don’t feel like it)

3-  Clear yourself and home from all negative energy (I opened all the windows and let fresh air come in and imagined all bad energy leaving but feel free to research more detailed methods online)

4- Meditate and clean your chakras (I have never been good at this so I lit a candle and stared at it and imagined myself peaceful and quiet.  Worked better for me)

5- Take a deep breath every time you feel these emotions and don’t let them drag you down!

6-   My all time favorite though is, go hug a tree! Reconnect with nature and breathe in some serenity.  I enjoyed doing that.  It was peaceful; I even sat under the tree for a few minutes and just let myself be. (I wonder what my neighbors would have thought had they come out at that moment.)

There isn’t a miracle cure but I do feel calmer than I had in the past few days.  I think I will try steps 1, 2 and 6 again tomorrow; they did make me smile :)

Good look and I hope this helps you find some sanity and peace! xo

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