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Baby Proofing

 - by Dania

This is usually the beginning of the end for moms, any peace you have left will now be over.  Baby is becoming mobile.  As much as it is easier for us to just strap them in their high chair or saucer it is not the best thing for them.  Baby needs to move around, build muscles, improve co-ordination and satisfy their great curiosity.  They need to roam, touch and pick up everything in sight.  You can never make anything 100% secure but there are a few things you can do to have some peace of mind as your baby explores their environment.

Don’t get me wrong it is an overwhelming undertaking and I was a bit intimidated at first but then I decided to dedicate a week-end to get the house baby ready.  One easy way to help get you started is to go to a baby store and stand in front of their baby proofing section.  This will give you plenty of ideas on which areas of the house need to be baby proofed and what products are available to help.  Mind you some of these can be expensive so you have to use the idea and see if you can execute it more economically. 

One example of such a savings for me was the cushioning for a little step I have in the basement.  It is made of tile and has a sharp edge.  I was very scared that baby would fall, hit the edge and hurt herself badly.  The products available out there for this type of baby proofing would have cost me about $80 plus taxes.  My husband figured out a less expensive alternative that only cost us $15 total.  He went to the hardware store (a.k.a. men’s toy store) and found these spongy tubes (much like the ones used in the swimming pools) that were pre-cut and had tape on them.  He bought 2 sizes….we also bought 2 sided tape for re-enforcement.  First we placed the 2 sided tape at intervals along the step, then we secured the smaller of the 2 tubes al around the edge then we added the larger tube.  It is well cushioned and baby won’t hurt herself if she were to fall on it.

I also used the smaller foam tube to stick to corners of walls in high traffic areas where she will be crawling around so that if she slips or falls, she won’t need stitches from hitting the edge of a wall.

The next area that needed immediate securing was the upstairs staircase.  Ours is not a regular shape so none of the commercial gates would have worked.  We bought the materials needed and built one ourselves, the great thing about it is that once she is older we can remove it without permanent damage to the existing frame.  It cost just a few dollars more than a ready made gate but fits our needs perfectly and doesn’t look too bad either.


Also on the stairs, we have slits where baby could slip her head in and get it stuck, we tried to think of an idea that would make it safe for her but also doesn’t make the living room look like a jail.  We decided on plexiglass.  My husband measured the required sheets and had them cut to size, he drilled small holes and used tie wraps to secure the plexiglass.  You can’t even tell its there and the baby actually loves to sit there and try to pick up stuff on the other side! lol…


Some Baby Proofing gadget ideas:

  • Electric outlet plugs
  • Cabinet Locks
  • Drawer Locks
  • Door handle locks
  • Window blind cord winder
  • Corner guards
  • Stove knob covers
  • Oven front lock
  • Fridge latch
  • Toilet lock 
  • Sliding door lock
  • Rail Net
  • Gates for stairs
  • Finger pinch stopper (for doors)

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