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Cramp Remedies

 - by Dania

I often get leg cramps, especially when I was pregnant, they would come every night!!  I would shoot out of bed in agony.   Ok, maybe shoot out of bed is an exaggeration, I was after all 7 months along and moved liked a beached whale.  So anyway, I would shuffle out of bed in agony and call on hubby to help me out.  Sometimes, nothing we did would help and I would be in tears.  Then I heard about these tips that helped me tremendously.

First tip:  chocolate, yes ladies, CHOCOLATE as a cure!!! I was very excited.  You’re supposed to take a small piece of chocolate and place it under your tongue until it melts.   For me it worked almost immediately, a miracle.  I made sure I always had some plain chocolate squares in all my purses and continue to do so now in case of a cramp attack.  By the way when I didn’t have a piece of chocolate in the house, I put a teaspoon of Nutella chocolate spread under my tongue and it worked just as well.

Second tip:  Soap, yep, plain old soap.  Place an unwrapped bar of soap under the sheets at the foot of the bed where your feet could reach.  That’s it!  I looked it up, it seems this remedy has been around for a long long time but there’s no medical research to back it up or suggest why it works.  Doctors don’t want to associate with it but guess what, it worked for me.  It ended my nighttime leg and foot cramps.  I loved it.  Bonus, the sheets smell extra nice.  I also read that you can rub the soap on the feet as well, hmmm, worth a try.

I know that these tips may not work for everybody, but they really did for me.  The great thing is that there is no harm or risk in just trying them.  Nothing to lose but that pain!

If you do try them, let me know if they work for you.

Good luck, hope this helps :)

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