Ovarian Cyst at 9 years old!

 - by Dania

I wanted to write about this one because I am hoping others out there who may have experienced the same symptoms can push to get the correct diagnosis and hopefully avoid what my daughter had to go through.

Back in March, during her spring break, Little Nugget had nausea and serious pain on the right side of her abdomen.  I mean screaming in agony pain.  At first we thought it was a bad indigestion or stomach flu but then we worried it was her appendix.  We rushed to the hospital and 8 hours and many tests later they told us it wasn’t her appendix, probably a stomach virus (she threw up once from the pain and nausea, so they focused on this theory and refused to consider any others).  I kept telling them a stomach flu is not normally concentrated on one specific area of the tummy only, something else is up.  They dismissed our concerns and just sent us home with instructions to eat light for a few days.

Fast forward to last week.  She woke up one morning and came into our bedroom doubled over and screaming in pain.  It was similar to what happened last time but much worse.  We rushed her to her Doctor who told us there is a stomach virus going around but given the location and severity of her pain he would feel better if we got her an ultrasound.  We headed over the hospital and waited our turn.  Every time a Dr. would see her they wondered if we really did need the ultrasound since she seemed fine (the pain had gone away for the moment).  This time we  insisted that she wasn’t and pushed the point.  We had the ultrasound and the pain came back full force while they were examining her.  That lit a fire under everyone.  It took almost an hour but they finally found the cause.  She had a large cyst (approximately 8 cm/3inches) on her right ovary.  It was heavy and pulling the ovary down.

They decided she needed an emergency surgery to remove it as they worried about the cyst cutting off proper blood circulation to the ovary and fallopian tubes.

Finding out she had a cyst at such a young age was bad enough but now she had to undergo surgery.  She was terrified and believe me, so were we.   We couldn’t believe this was happening to our little girl!!  It took a couple of hours to calm her down, reassure her and help keep her relaxed before they took her away.  We waited as patiently as can be expected outside the operating room area, time was crawling by.  It felt like the longest two hours of my life.

The surgery was a success; they were able to remove the cyst, whole (great for pathology tests) and no damage to her.  They found out that the fallopian tube had twisted on itself two and half times (the cause the of the excruciating pain!!) but they were able to untwist it easily and it was not damaged in any way.  Big big big Phew!

She has recovered very well, it has been 10 days now and she forgets to slow down sometimes :)  I am happy we found out what it was and that we were able to take care of the problem.  The doctors don’t know what caused it, they suspect the surge of hormones in her body, I hope to find out more when we meet with her own pediatrician for a follow up in a few weeks.

What makes me angry is that no one listened to her or us when we raised our concerns back in March.  They made us feel like we were wasting everyone’s time and over reacting.  My advice: If your gut feeling is that something more is going on, don’t give up; keep pestering everyone until you get results.  At the end of the day we are the only real defense our kids have and we have to do our best to get them the right care they need.

I am just very glad that it’s all over now and my daughter is back to her old wonderful smiling self   ♥

Follow up:  Pathology results are out, all is well.  Cyst is benign, official name is mature teratoma.  She had her follow up today and is healing well!  Yay!

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