As Kids See it!

 - by Dania

I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past few years.  Now that my little one started daycare a few weeks ago, she keeps asking me what I do after I drop her off.   I tell her I go to work.  Her answer: “But mommy, only daddy goes to work, you have to stay at home and wait for me!”  I was really taken aback.  My daughter thinks that moms don’t work, what have i taught her?  I went through a whole rationalization and wondered if I had skewed her views of womens roles and limited her ambitions in life??!?

I took  a step back and told myself to lighten up!  That’s what she knows for now.  She’ll realize how things are later on when I go back to work and she goes to daycare full time.

She then asks me if I will going to an appointment then come back to pick her up.  I said “No, I’m going to work”.  She got very agitated and insisted that I go to my “pointment” and come straight back to get her.  “Mommy, you don’t go to work!” she stomps her foot.  I was wondering why she was so upset and asked why I couldn’t just go to work?  her logical answer: “Because work finishes late, it’s dark outside like when daddy comes home.  You go to your pointment and come and get me “wickly”!”

I finally realized she didn’t want me to be “working” simply because she wanted me to pick her up earlier from the daycare.  In her mind, me going to work meant a longer daycare stay for her!

How could I forget, the world revolves around her, not me or anyone else!!  Aren’t I glad I bit off all my nails in panic for this :)

Gotta love their logic! <3