Still Here!

 - by Dania

This is just a quick word to say I am sorry for not having been around much lately!  We’ve been renovating our back yard and working on a concrete slab project for the soon to come new oil tank!  We were forced to change it this year and that triggered a slew of projects we’ve been putting aside for a while. 

We are knee deep in digging, laying bricks, preparing the base for the cement block, taking down the old metal storage thingy (not really a shed more like an eyesore), painting the shed, building a new gate and clearing out some old and worn out in-ground flower boxes.  All the while making plans to entertain the kids!!

 We have gotten most of it done (my hubby being the real hero here!) but have decided to stop for now and take a few days to spend some serious quality time with the kids.  Planning a few fun outings for the next couple of days.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to having some fun and unwinding.

Will post some before and after pictures of these projects when I’ve had a chance to put them together.  The great thing is with some creativity, hard work and tons of patience we were able to get a fresh look to our backyard on a budget!!  Promise to share when I’ve caught my breath!  :)


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