My new green thumb

 - by Dania

I’m your typical city girl. I don’t like prancing around the garden, I Do Not like mucking about in the dirt and bugs of any kind would send me screaming indoors. On top of everything I had a very brown thumb. I couldn’t keep a plant alive to save my life. Quite embarrassing at times!

Over the past couple of years I’ve felt something take over me. It started with buying a house plant. I asked around for the easiest plant to care for, one that could survive anything and ended up buying some kind of leafy flowering cactus hybrid. It did not die. That gave me hope. Encouraged, I went out and bought a second plant. A little while later, feeling quite emboldened at this point, I went out and bought a few delicate flowering plants. Two years later they’re all alive and well. I swell with pride every time I walk into my living room and see all these blooming beauties and marvel at the fact that I helped do that!!

With time I realized that taking care of these plants actually saved my sanity. I was going through a downward spiral at one point and they made me feel happy and kept me grounded. Over time, I realized I quite enjoyed mucking about with soil and getting my hands dirty. I started working out in my garden.  I see all sorts of yucky bugs, some still make me jump and squeal but I’m proud to say I don’t run indoors anymore. I tend to just ignore them now.  :p

I’m very content spending many hours toiling in the garden and taking care of all its needs. Why do I now put myself through all this back-breaking work? It has dawned on me that when I’m on my knees literally elbow deep in earth I am actually connected to nature, earth and the pure energy of the world around me. I now fully understand why true gardeners do this.  Every time I fisnish tending to my garden, I feel very serene and somehow renewed.

I know it’s not for everyone, it was most definitely not for me, but now that I’ve given it a chance, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone willing to try to get a little dirty and go plant something. Connect with nature and share in the energy exchange all around you.

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