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My First Giveaway – Win a Party Pack for 8!

 - by Dania

I am so happy to announce Mommy Nuggets’ first ever giveaway to thank you all for coming back week after week and supporting me!  I have very much enjoyed writing this blog and making new friends along the way. 

This giveaway prize was graciously offered by The Party Works.  They have a wonderful variety of party supplies, cake decorations & baby shower party supplies providing over 4,000 different items in stock. 

The prize…………drum roll………………….. is a party pack for 8 from

This is just one example of a large variety of these sets, the winner will be able to choose the theme they like best! (themes for all ages available)

A standard party pack for 8 includes:

  1. 8 invitations
  2. Dinner plates
  3. Dessert plates
  4. Cups
  5. Forks
  6. Spoons
  7. 16 napkins
  8. Solid-color tablecover
  9. Mylar balloon
  10. 12 balloons (2 colors)
  11. curling ribbon (2 colors)
  12. crepe paper rolls (2 colors)
  13. cake candles
(These may vary slightly between themes, check  each theme for exact content)

How to enter:

Just submit your name and e-mail, so I can contact the winner, and you’re entered.  It’s that simple!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The more times you enter the more chances you have to win :)

Thank you The Party Works for such a wonderful and practical prize!

ThePartyWorks Birthday Party Supplies


Good luck and thank you again for your support!

This giveaway is open to legal residents in US only, 18+ only and will end on July 24, 2012 at 12:01am EST. Winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter and will be announced on the Mommy Nuggets blog and the Mommy Nuggets Facebook page.  The winner will have until July 28 to claim his/her prize otherwise a new winner will be picked.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the sponsoring company. This blog and its author are not responsible for giveaway prizes that are lost in transit or damaged. This blog is also not responsible if a sponsor/company does not send prize(s).  Of course, every effort will be made to resolve the issue in the unlikely event of such a problem.  Good luck!  

Older and wiser?

 - by Dania

I recently began my journey into a new decade!  A fancy way to say I just turned 40.  Now I don’t know if I have fully dealt with what that really means but I know that I have noticed some changes that come with this privilege.

Growing up and growing older means, I now do the things I used to poke fun at mom for doing!   Now I need to pause to say “So sorry mom!!!”  You were soooo justified!

I now talk to myself.  It’s true that with age we feel more comfortable in our own skin and are more confident than when we entered our twenties but come on!  I can’t like me that much!!  I talk to myself all the time, and I don’t mean little comments.  I have entire conversations with myself and am scared to admit, I sometimes answer me back!  The scariest part is when I get sooo into the conversation I catch my hands gesturing right along!!!  Yikes!!!!!

Just yesterday I spend half an hour running around the house in a big huff looking for my sunglasses.  I searched high and low and was starting to lose it when my toddler pointed to my head and said “Mommy look, here are your glasses!”  They were on my head the whole time.  Double yikes.

The weirdest and most annoying one is changing topics in mid sentence!!  What the??????  Is it 40’s type ADD??

I am becoming more forgetful.  I was talking with hubby at the breakfast table and asked him to please pass the potato (while I pointed towards it).  He froze and just stared at me.  I meant to the say salt (close enough right??? needless to say I teared up after that one!) Eeeeek!!

This is scary stuff no one warns you about!!  The only ray of light and joy I see so far is the older I get ,the less I care!!  I very often find myself thinking “I don’t give a flying fig!”

I guess that is the wisdom that comes with age that I keep hearing about :)

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My Favorite Sushi Bar!

 - by Dania

Hubby and I haven’t had a date night in months and I was feeling in desparate need of a break.  This afternoon mom offered to take the girls so we can get out for a bit.  It was a last minute plan but these usually turn out to be the best.  We decided to go to the Old Port of Montreal to have dinner and walk by the water.  We walked into a sushi bar (always a treat on date night) and I have to admit it is now my all time favorite Sushi joint. 

Tokyo Sushi Bar is a small but beautifully decorated restaurant with warm and friendly service and amazing food!  I love their Dynamite roll and my hubby is addicted to their Spider roll.  We also tried one of the Chef’s special rolls, Bazooka!,  and Oh My God it was FANTASTIC!  I don’t know how to describe it other than say it was exotic, delicious, decadent and tasted fresh with a bit of zest.  My husband used every garnish on the plate (oranges, lemons and  strawberries) to soak up the sauce and any bits of sushi that fell out.  It will be a definite repeat.  Can’t wait to try their Chef’s special King! roll next time.

I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful restaurant whenever you’re in the area.  Tell them Mommy Nuggets sent you!

Tokyo Sushi Bar
185 St Paul Street West
Old Montreal, Quebec H2Y  1Z5
Tel: 514

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Just Drive!!!

 - by Dania

I was taking my daughter to school this morning and noticed that other drivers were especially distracted today!  The woman in the car behind was applying several coats of mascara and inching her car forward stalling all sorts of traffic behind us.  I switched lanes as she almost rear ended me while looking for her lip gloss!!  Happy to report she passed me then swerved the car into the left lane, scaring the crap out of that driver.  Thankfully no accident.

Once that was done, the man in the car in front of me had 2 dogs in the car; one very large Doberman in the front seat.  He kept looking at his big dog and talking to him rather than drive.  He then suddenly stopped in front of me (for nor reason at all) so that his big ass dog can move to the back seat.  Luckily I had had my cup of coffee this morning and my reflexes were good (and it seems the driver behind me had some caffeine in him too!)  he started to drive again then stopped again suddenly to discipline the little dog in the back seat!! I finally gave in and gave big honk!! he moved along then suddenly pulled over to sort his pets out.

I thought since I was almost at the school, I was home free but I was sadly mistaken as the woman in the lane beside me was so engrossed in texting she was driving without even looking up and no hands on the wheel!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!  she was slowly moving into my lane!!  I honked to get her attention then since her window was lowered, I did the same with mine and gave her a piece of my mind!

All this on a 8 minute drive!  By the time I got to the school my nerves were shot and my mood ruined!  The simple message I have is this:

“When you sit in your car just freakin DRIVE!!”

This message brought to you by a mother who will tell you off and kick your ass if you endanger my kids!  In this day and age, Get a clue people!- Thank you


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I will miss you my sweets

 - by Dania

I was giving my little 2 year old her bath this afternoon and she was playing around with the water and squealing at the floating bubbles.  She was happily rambling away while I was washing her little feet and tiny toes, when all of a sudden, I burst into tears.  I am not just talking about crying, I am talking about big time weeping with tears, runny nose, hiccups, the whole nine yards.  The poor little thing got startled, I felt so bad!

She looked right into my eyes and asked me “What’s woong mommy?” After a few big gulps of air, I managed to get a hold of myself and told her “Nothing is wrong but I will miss you my sweet!”  I was not expecting an answer but she somberly looked me straight in the eye and said “I know, I will miss you too but that’s OK you don’t have to cry” She caressed my cheek and smiled.  Needles to say, that opened up the floodgates again!

Once I got over her wizened reply and was done hugging and kissing that little face, I realized what it was that made me cry.  I will miss my kids when they’re all grown up.  I will miss feeding them, playing with them, bathing them, kissing their little cheeks and toes and tucking them in at night; for some reason that really hit me hard.  I will long for the days when they fit on my lap and I could nibble their little toes.

Change is inevitable and I wish you a healthy and happy life my girls and I promise to continue taking care of you to the best of my ability until you are ready to fly on you own.  But of this I am sure, I will miss you my sweets!


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Friendly Stranger

 - by Dania

A few weeks ago, after an especially long and tiring day I had to take the family and get to the mall for some last minute shopping.  I had no make up on, was exhausted and looked like I was angry at the world (which I wasn’t).  I had been feeling tired, listless and frustrated about not being able to get myself back in shape. 

We walked into a department store and I broke away from the pack for a minute to look at one of the make up counters.  This lady with a sweet smile walked up to me and asked me if I needed any help.  We started talking about skin issues and possible products that could be useful and next thing I knew we were sharing frustrations and recent experiences.  We became instant friends.

 She gave me a few cream and cleanser samples from her counter and encouraged me to try them and offered her help.  It was the final push I needed that got me to start taking care of myself the very next morning. 

 I began taking my multi vitamins, working out, watching my diet and I now have a regular skin regimen.  I do feel better and apparently no longer look angry for no reason.

 This is just to say that in our everyday life we never know which interactions will touch us and which ones will affect us.  On rare occasions there are also those that change the course of our journey.  The message here, keep and open mind and heart and don’t be afraid to talk to a stranger  :)


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Being a mom

 - by Dania

From time to time when I start to reach the end of my rope with the kids, the housework and everything else I start thinking about my life in general and what being a mom means to me.  Of course being a mom means giving love, care and attention to the little ones.  It also means feeding, playing, mending, healing and cuddling them. 

But aside from what I do as a mom, I realized that being a mom just makes me a better person.  It has taught me to love big, be flexible, more open and definitely more patient.  For these precious gifts I thank my beautiful daughters who are always a breath of fesh air and fill every moment with love and laughter.  They light up my darkest hours and make life worth living no matter what comes my way. 

You’ve given me more than I can ever hope to return.  You make me want to do and me my best every day!  Thank you my angels

Happy Mother’s Day beautiful Mammas, enjoy your special day !

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Then and Now

 - by Dania

Last week-end my daughter had a stomach upset and I spent the night with her while she worshiped the porcelain bowl.  This week-end my toddler was badly constipated and I spent my time trying to figure out how to move things along for her.

These fun events got me thinking about how we used to spend our Saturday nights a few years ago (never mind how many!) and how we spend them now.  My husband and I had a good laugh about it.

  • Then:  Getting excited to go out and paint the town red
  • Now:  Getting excited to get back home and put the kids to bed
  • Then:  Getting dressed up and made up
  • Now:  Getting dressed down and washing up
  • Then:  Going to a party
  • Now: Going to the couch
  • Then:  Staying up all night with friends
  • Now:  Staying up all night with a sick child
  • Then: Waiting for my date to come
  • Now:  Waiting for my constipated toddler to poop

We definitely did not see this coming and don’t even know how we got here but let me tell you that one smile, hug or kiss from either one of those girls makes the whole journey worth every vomit, poop, virus or booboo worth it.  

I do miss the freedom sometimes and do long for a carefree night out; but judging from how fast the last decade flew by, I know that one day soon we will be at home watching our kids go through this while we rejoice in our new found freedom and plan a night out with friends and a date with a dance floor again!


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Daily Poisons!

 - by Dania

I cannot believe that in a day and an age where we consider ourselves enlightened and living in so called advanced countries we are being unnecessarily poisoned daily for the profit of the few!!  We look down on what we call “3rd world countries”?  How are our governments better?  They are allowing this travesty.  What regulation?

I still cannot get over how much unlabelled crap goes into our food because of technicalities.  How could people do this to one another??  How could they put these poisons in the food and sell it to other human beings, to their friends and families?  How can they sleep at night knowing these poisons are being fed to our children?  The children!!  They justify it to us and to themselves on a technicality?  And we stand for it?!

There are so many ingredients to be outraged about, but right now the three top culprits for me are:

Canola oil:  It is a man made oil.  There are NO CANOLA SEEDS!!   It is poison to the body.  The list of the side effects of this oil is scary.  You don’t have to believe me just Google it and do your own research.  We wonder why there is such a meteoric rise in so many debilitating diseases in recent years but we don’t educate ourselves!  This stuff is in everything, even health food stores so please, please educate yourselves.

Corn Syrup: Apparently corn is man made!!  It was originally a small grass in South America and over thousands of years of domestication and genetic manipulation we now have corn and all of its by products.   Corn Syrup has a host of damaging effects on the body.  I could maybe say in moderation it wouldn’t be so bad but it is in everything!! And I mean everything, from yogurt to crackers to drinks and snacks!  Too much of anything is bad for you and in this case we are overdosing on the stuff!

Pink slime:  The latest one is the pink slime they use in our meats!  It is in 70% of all the meat we buy.  What?!? When did this happen? How could they do this? There is ammonia involved, what?  What are they saying, this is RIDICULOUS! Do they think we’re cattle?!? Look up the health effects online, I’m too upset to even list them!

Just feed us whatever to save some money and turn a profit?  Becoming vegetarian or even vegan is not enough, the poisons they use is in products and ingredients across the board!  We have to be vigilant and demand the right not to be poisoned and treated like worthless beings for their profit.  As long as we remain quiet, we do not have the right to complain and wonder why we are getting sicker by the day! we are basically complying!

I am not in any way saying I have all the answers but I have become extremely vigilant when buying groceries for my family and am making every effort to prepare as much of our food at home from scratch using the healthiest ingredients. I am at home now and can do it, what will happen when I go back to work?  what are working parents supposed to do? 

We need to speak up and make it understood we will not stand for hormones, antibiotics, fillers and chemicals in our foods.  We demand that these companies become responsible! 

It is so sad that to live on a budget these days means you have to buy foods that have been manipulated and poisoned beyond belief and if you want to be healthy and eat right, it costs and arm and a leg.  Is there a hidden message here? 

The whole thing just breaks my heart!  Please be careful, read labels, do your research and ask questions.  Complain and speak up when you have doubts. 

I don’t know what more I can do at this point but at least if we talk about it, spread the word and are more aware these companies will no longer take us for granted.   


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Friendship Bracelets as a medidation aid?

 - by Dania

 If you have a daughter 7 or older you know about friendship bracelets.  I vaguely remember weaving them when I was a little girl.  We used to make them out of cotton threads, plastic threads and colorful wires.  You made as many as you could and gave them out to your friends.

My daughter is now at that age and there seems to be a weaving frenzy among the girls these days.  I had forgotten about these until she brought me some threads and asked me to help her out.   All sorts of memories came flooding back.  I remembered sitting on the white stone floor in the school yard with my girlfriends, laughing and making bracelets out of multicolored wires.  It was a warm and fun memory :)  My God, time zooms right by!!

Then my cousin sent us a bracelet making kit and we both caught the weaving bug.  I started making them for my daughters, myself and even my husband sported a couple at one point.  The surprise is, I found out how therapeutic weaving these bracelets was.  I have a hard time with meditation and can’t seem to be able to achieve that peaceful state.  The rhythmic movements helped clear my thoughts and settle my mind.  I was able to work through several ideas floating around in my head and relax at a time when I felt really high strung.

Because they’re quick to make, I found that they provide a nice meditative session but also a bit of instant gratitification when the bracelet is finished.

Who would have thought that something as simple as weaving a friendship bracelet could have had such an impact on my day!

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