Spiritual Art – Serenity Gateways

 - by Dania

Serenity Gateways

I always felt like one of those cartoon characters that runs at full blast and smashes headfirst into an invisible barrier and falls right back down on their behind! I know there is more to this world, I can feel it, almost see it but I keep bumping into that invisible barrier.

I tried to meditate but nothing ever seemed to happen beyond relaxation. That in itself is great but I was and always am seeking a truly spiritual experience as I hear others who meditate have.

To escape, I went to back to painting. Working with my hands always seems to relax me. I knit, paint, craft, needlework, bake and garden. This time round though, I decided to try and meditate while painting and discovered that I could really free my mind and loosen my grasp on this reality. I have found myself often so lost in my projects that time seems non-existent and I feel like have travelled far and back. I have come to myself sometimes and realized I had been in conversation with souls and energies not in my current reality. I have found serenity, spiritual, mystical and freeing experiences now come to me through these gateways.

Each project creates a gateway which provides me with a different experience. I always state my intent and take deep breaths and summon the light and love all around me and infuse it into each painting.

I hope they give you serenity, beauty as well as help transport and free you as they did me!

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Would love to hear your feedback!! xo

My new green thumb

 - by Dania

I’m your typical city girl. I don’t like prancing around the garden, I Do Not like mucking about in the dirt and bugs of any kind would send me screaming indoors. On top of everything I had a very brown thumb. I couldn’t keep a plant alive to save my life. Quite embarrassing at times!

Over the past couple of years I’ve felt something take over me. It started with buying a house plant. I asked around for the easiest plant to care for, one that could survive anything and ended up buying some kind of leafy flowering cactus hybrid. It did not die. That gave me hope. Encouraged, I went out and bought a second plant. A little while later, feeling quite emboldened at this point, I went out and bought a few delicate flowering plants. Two years later they’re all alive and well. I swell with pride every time I walk into my living room and see all these blooming beauties and marvel at the fact that I helped do that!!

With time I realized that taking care of these plants actually saved my sanity. I was going through a downward spiral at one point and they made me feel happy and kept me grounded. Over time, I realized I quite enjoyed mucking about with soil and getting my hands dirty. I started working out in my garden.  I see all sorts of yucky bugs, some still make me jump and squeal but I’m proud to say I don’t run indoors anymore. I tend to just ignore them now.  :p

I’m very content spending many hours toiling in the garden and taking care of all its needs. Why do I now put myself through all this back-breaking work? It has dawned on me that when I’m on my knees literally elbow deep in earth I am actually connected to nature, earth and the pure energy of the world around me. I now fully understand why true gardeners do this.  Every time I fisnish tending to my garden, I feel very serene and somehow renewed.

I know it’s not for everyone, it was most definitely not for me, but now that I’ve given it a chance, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone willing to try to get a little dirty and go plant something. Connect with nature and share in the energy exchange all around you.

I would love to hear from you at: dania at mommynuggets dot com

Life Lesson

 - by Dania

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain! ~ Vivian Greene

House Plants that Revived Me!

 - by Dania

I have known for a while that my home needed some live plants! Over the years, I had several houseplants that have perished under my care.  It seemed my thumb was not so green.  I gave up on the idea and have not had any living plants in my home for over a decade now.

Recently though, I have felt in dire need of an energy change.  Other than cleaning it, airing it out, organizing and refreshing, it needed life.  I would’ve thought the life and noise my kids brought was enough!!  but something was still missing. So began my “Green house crusade”.

I looked online for easy care plants and went on a hunt for houseplants.  I ended up with a whole bunch of lovely flowering plants that so far seem really easy to care for:

– Peace Lilly, not only is this one easy to care for, gives beautiful flowers but has the added bonus of purifying the air!


– Orchids, I always thought these were so delicate and hard to care for.  Boy was I surprised when I looked into it to see that it requires minimal watering and care and thrives easily.  I am in love with mine!  Cheers me up when I see it every morning.



– Lucky Bamboo, so easy to keep alive and can’t hurt to have a lucky plant around!


– A Yucca, which doesn’t like too much water.   Perfect so no guilt trips when I keep forgetting to water it!


– A Somona, a flowering cactus like plant.  It’s cute, survives pretty much on its own and is supposed to flower all year long!


I walk into my living room every morning now and see these living plants and it honestly revives and energizes me. I have noticed the energy and mood in the house have changed as well.  It does seem brighter and more peaceful around here even with the kids making all the noise they can.  It’s funny but I am so much happier now that I have these wonderful plants and feel more in touch with the universal energy around me.  Of course the added bonus is a new look for several areas around the house!

So for all those who don’t have a green thumb, you don’t need one.  No patience or time?  Don’t need any.  With these types of plants, you don’t need much and the rewards are wonderful!

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Honey Lemon Booster

 - by Dania

Autumn is here, cold and flu season is already upon us!  I always dread this time of year, getting that first cold unsettles me.  I don’t do very well with these and usually end up very very sick and it takes forever to get over it.

My usual cold remedy is a honey lemon tea, but a few days ago I saw a picture someone posted on Facebook about honey lemon in a jar.  I tweaked the recipe to add a couple of ingredients I like and voila a cold cure in a jar.

You will need:

  • 2 lemons
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • A Jar

You can adjust quantities based on the size of the jar.  I went by eye and taste.



  1. Wash and dry lemons very well
  2. Cut off tips and slice into quarters
  3. Empty into a bowl and give the bunch a couple of squeezes (I used my hand) just to release a bit of the juice
  4. Grate the ginger into the bowl (I used a piece the length of my index)
  5. Add cinnamon (I used about 2 Tbsp)
  6. Mix ingredients in the bowl wellCIMG3851
  7. Pour into the jar (about 3/4 of the way)CIMG3852
  8. Pour honey into the jar until it’s filled
  9. Close jar tightly and shake well
  10. Put in fridge
After a few days, the lemons will absorb the honey and sink to the bottom of the jar.

After a few days, the lemons will absorb the honey and sink to the bottom of the jar.

After a few days, you’ll see it will start to become a bit like jelly.  You can keep it in the fridge for 3-4 months.  You pour a couple of tablespoons into a mug and add boiling water for a healing brew.   When you’re sick and not feeling good it’s so much easier to have the mix ready in the fridge rather than making it from scratch each time you need it.

I also started taking 1 or 2 teaspoons every morning as an immune system booster.

Try it and let me know what you think! Any other tips are welcome!

Stay healthy xo


For comments and feed back please write to me at: dania “at” mommynuggets “dot” com

I wonder Why?

 - by Dania

I was going through some drawers yesterday and found a piece of paper tucked into one of my old notebooks.  I remember writing it a while back.  I wanted to break free from the constraints and barriers I put on myself.  I am the toughest critic of me I know.  Since then, I have learned to love and accept me and if anyone does not like me as I am, they don’t need to hang around!


I wonder why on a day I feel fine you find fault with me?

I wonder why on a day I work hard and feel a sense of achievement you doubt me?

I wonder why on a day I dress up and boost my confidence you critique my style?

I wonder why on a day I’ve struggled to stay above water, you point out my unused potential?

I wonder why on a day I praise and acknowledge you, you remind me of my shortcomings?

I wonder why?

I wonder…

Because I’ve always let you and I won’t anymore!

I would love to hear from you at: dania at mommynuggets dot com



As Kids See it!

 - by Dania

I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past few years.  Now that my little one started daycare a few weeks ago, she keeps asking me what I do after I drop her off.   I tell her I go to work.  Her answer: “But mommy, only daddy goes to work, you have to stay at home and wait for me!”  I was really taken aback.  My daughter thinks that moms don’t work, what have i taught her?  I went through a whole rationalization and wondered if I had skewed her views of womens roles and limited her ambitions in life??!?

I took  a step back and told myself to lighten up!  That’s what she knows for now.  She’ll realize how things are later on when I go back to work and she goes to daycare full time.

She then asks me if I will going to an appointment then come back to pick her up.  I said “No, I’m going to work”.  She got very agitated and insisted that I go to my “pointment” and come straight back to get her.  “Mommy, you don’t go to work!” she stomps her foot.  I was wondering why she was so upset and asked why I couldn’t just go to work?  her logical answer: “Because work finishes late, it’s dark outside like when daddy comes home.  You go to your pointment and come and get me “wickly”!”

I finally realized she didn’t want me to be “working” simply because she wanted me to pick her up earlier from the daycare.  In her mind, me going to work meant a longer daycare stay for her!

How could I forget, the world revolves around her, not me or anyone else!!  Aren’t I glad I bit off all my nails in panic for this :)

Gotta love their logic! <3

Go hug a tree!

 - by Dania

Recently I’ve been feeling quite uncomfortable in my own skin.  I’ve been very jumpy, grumpy and cranky.  Over the last few days, things seemed to spiral out of control, I felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!  I was being pulled in many directions, confused, tired and unfocussed.

Today, I finally lost it completely.  The kids drove me nuts and when they threw tantrums, I’m embarrassed to say I threw a big one myself.  I yelled and ranted until my throat was raw and I even stormed out of the room!!  Let me tell you, that is one way to get your kids attention…..they were both standing there mouths wide open, staring.  In the middle of all this drama, I started giggling.  That confused them even more which only sent me into hysterics, then I was almost in tears again a few seconds later! (see I told you Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!).   Wish I could blame it on PMS!

The whole experience left me drained, unnerved and very tired.  I was fed up of feeling this way so I asked my spiritual cousin for advice and did some research on the internet so here’s what I finally did based on what I got from both sources:

1- Dance, dance, dance, dance (I grabbed my girls and we danced our butts off)

2- Laugh and smile (my girls were wiggling and laughing and it was contagious – do this step even if you don’t feel like it)

3-  Clear yourself and home from all negative energy (I opened all the windows and let fresh air come in and imagined all bad energy leaving but feel free to research more detailed methods online)

4- Meditate and clean your chakras (I have never been good at this so I lit a candle and stared at it and imagined myself peaceful and quiet.  Worked better for me)

5- Take a deep breath every time you feel these emotions and don’t let them drag you down!

6-   My all time favorite though is, go hug a tree! Reconnect with nature and breathe in some serenity.  I enjoyed doing that.  It was peaceful; I even sat under the tree for a few minutes and just let myself be. (I wonder what my neighbors would have thought had they come out at that moment.)

There isn’t a miracle cure but I do feel calmer than I had in the past few days.  I think I will try steps 1, 2 and 6 again tomorrow; they did make me smile :)

Good look and I hope this helps you find some sanity and peace! xo

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Old friends

 - by Dania

You can’t replace old friends!   They are wonderful and precious, you can’t have that type of history with just anyone.  It takes time and effort to make :)

Tonight I had dinner with a college friend.  We live quite far apart and I hadn’t seen her in almost 6 years and yet every time we see one another or talk on the phone, it feels like we’ve only been apart for a few days.  We always manage to pick up right where we left off. 

As much as its fun to reminisce about the good old days and the fun we had in college, it feels like that life is so alien to us now.  We’ve done a lot and been through so much!  We looked at each other and couldn’t believe we were sitting here together with husbands and children wondering where the time went. 

Personally, I was wondering when did we grow up!!!  We were just kids ourselves yesterday and now we’re full blown adults, responsible for our own children.  Don’t ask me why but my mind was boggled.

Now back to old friends, because of the history shared with an old friend, they know exactly what you mean with just a few words.  Conversation just flows and we were laughing  and reconnecting like kindered spirits. 

Old friends are comfortable, familiar, safe and rare!  I treasure my old friends and love them dearly and only wish to be able to see them as often as possible and continue down our paths together.

Until we meet again!  I miss you!

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Still Here!

 - by Dania

This is just a quick word to say I am sorry for not having been around much lately!  We’ve been renovating our back yard and working on a concrete slab project for the soon to come new oil tank!  We were forced to change it this year and that triggered a slew of projects we’ve been putting aside for a while. 

We are knee deep in digging, laying bricks, preparing the base for the cement block, taking down the old metal storage thingy (not really a shed more like an eyesore), painting the shed, building a new gate and clearing out some old and worn out in-ground flower boxes.  All the while making plans to entertain the kids!!

 We have gotten most of it done (my hubby being the real hero here!) but have decided to stop for now and take a few days to spend some serious quality time with the kids.  Planning a few fun outings for the next couple of days.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to having some fun and unwinding.

Will post some before and after pictures of these projects when I’ve had a chance to put them together.  The great thing is with some creativity, hard work and tons of patience we were able to get a fresh look to our backyard on a budget!!  Promise to share when I’ve caught my breath!  :)


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